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Posted by admin on 29 March, 2016
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Want a house with garden? Building on Top Real Estate you count the benefits obtained, thanks to the gardens in homes.

Top Building in Inmobiliara, not only we care about sell and rent, we attach great importance to the design and that our customers can find peace in their new home, tranquility and connection with nature.

In the post this week we give you know the meaning and why we benefit from having a garden at our house.

The installation of a garden in a housing It is an ancient custom, in fact there are Egyptian and Chinese archaeological remains that prove. In ancient Chinese traditions human character as judged by this answer to nature. People who really loved the mountains, water and trees, above worldly interests were considered spiritual. In the West however the habit of having a garden, He was more rooted in countries like Greece, Spain and Italy, who enjoyed a very suitable climate for plants and also, in the case of Spain, They had the Arab influence, where the courtyards inside houses are an architectural landmark.

Reasons to have a garden in your home:

1) Is a lung for our home, renews oxygen, filter and purify the air.

2) Working with plants is very satisfying to humans, there's a Chinese proverb that sums it up nicely:

"If you want to be happy one hour, embriágate.

If you want to be happy one day, kill your pig.

If you want happiness for one week, make a nice trip.

If you want happiness for one year, cásate.

If you want to be happy all your life,watch your garden. "

3) Un jardín por muy pequeño que sea, It makes us connect with nature.

4) Su mantenimiento incentiva nuestra mente y nuestro físico.

5) It gives soul to spaces, life corners of our home that apparently could worthlessness.

6) Light to our home, an interior garden provides natural lighting to stay.

7) Según el Feng Shui, a garden produces a total balance of our five senses.

8) It brings calm, observar la naturaleza, hace que nuestra mente se relaje,reducing the stress level.

9) Lessen noise, sí, an indoor garden in hard ground makes noises are reduced.

10) Fight pollution: Absorb harmful gases and chemical particles such as formaldehyde, benzene or trichlorethylene, los cuales son procesados por las plantas y transformados en nutrientes.

Do you think that these reasons are enough to have your own garden? If so, count on us, Top Building Property seek home to your needs, with garden and everything you want.


    TOP BUILDING is the brand that encompasses several companies belonging to a family business group that has more than 40 years of experience in the construction sector.

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