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Posted by admin on 11 January, 2016
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Tenemos muchos customers cuya principal preocupación es el tiempo en el que tardarán en rent su property. Top Building Inmobiliaria has a team of professionals who advise them to time does not elapse, because as we all know an empty house amounts to a significant loss of money.

Today we will give you a series of advice para que su hogar en alquiler, is occupied sooner:

1-El right price: su living place You have to have a competitive price, for it must know how much the property of the same characteristics are rented for your area, and adjust the price at which your target audience is willing to pay.

2-Furnished: The furnished homes are often rented at a higher price, but beware, It is not synonymous rental guaranteed. Increasingly people prefer to have their house to their liking, and if you offer a flat or one home furniture must consider several requirements that will support you:

-Modern furniture; We assume that we are not always willing to make an investment, and in that flat or house furniture that decorate it they are those who do not want, What if you do not want is to love them the lessee?, Ask yourself this question. We do not intend to throw all, but to make a selection of the oldest and substitute something new, or why not, if you are good at DIY restoration may be a very suitable solution.

-Changing curtains: It may seem absurd, but it is a detail to be taken into account by our customers, dark shades birth to her property away, the garish colors are not like everyone, and if curtains are old, We assure you that more than one will end up in the closet. To avoid such disasters the best thing to do is buy new curtains and simple, we recommend White color and very finite, in any specialized shopping center you will find them ready-made at a very affordable price.

3-Bathrooms and toilets: bathrooms and toilets are very important, so we have to take into account their good performance and appearance. If your tank does not work well or if the tub is outdated and very worn taps by the passage of time and usage, it is best to fix those little details, cuestan muy poco dinero y darán mejor imagen a sus futuros inquilinos.

4-The smell: we fell through smell, and is the first impression you will have people who will be visiting your home. We recommend you ventilen well casa, they open the windows at least once a week, and of course put a gentle freshener smell in the entry and living room.

5-Smart: if we want a good tenant pay what you wish, it is our duty to offer the best. A solution that delights visitors from home and make them decide for her and no other, es tener las paredes recién pintadas, (no more than two years since the last time it happened roll), We committed to the very clear white or shades, and the spaces will be larger, and tenants have no problem with the decor.

6-Plugs: if your house is old and has few points of light , (an outlet per room) or any of them are hanging on the wall, we advise you to make a mini reform, as they are increasingly needed, since we live with technology and it requires power. Put two to three points of light each room is not expensive, They not require more chopping open walls or chases, so do not think and do, all will be little comfort.

7-Cleaning: teach a dirty floor will not get any positive result, nobody will like to live in a pigsty, So get to work, take out the fat removed, Mop, bleach, broom and clean crystals, home must be shining.

8-Count on the help of a professional Industry, Top Building Real Estate has the best professionals, contact us and we'll help, we know what people need, that It makes us different.


    TOP BUILDING is the brand that encompasses several companies belonging to a family business group that has more than 40 years of experience in the construction sector.

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